UPSers 401K Plan: Check UPS 401k Plan for Employees

UPSers 401K Plan: United Parcel Service (UPS) is a global provider of supply chain management solutions and logistics services. The employees working at UPS will have many benefits in which one of them is UPSers 401k Plan as a retirement savings plan for their secure future. That is through UPSers 401k Plan, employees can save money for the future.

An employee must enroll himself in UPSers 401k Plan and every month certain amount will be deducted from their salary. The amount deducted from the salary will be saved in the investment account of an employee. Employees can also check the details related to UPSers 401k Plan through their UPSers account login. All other details of UPSers 401k Plan are provided below in detail.

UPSers 401k Savings Plan:

As a part of retirement, UPS offers the UPSers 401k plan to its employees. An employee who enrolls himself in UPSers 401k Plan should know that a percentage of his earnings will be deducted every month during the pay period. The employees will only have to choose the amount that should be deducted from their payroll, up to the maximum limit allowed by the plan. After retiring the employees can withdraw the amount that they have saved or invested till the date.

UPSers 401k Savings Plan

UPSers 401k Savings Plan

So, this is a procedure to save the amount for safe and secure future. If the employee chooses to withdraw the amount before his retirement then he will incur certain penalties for doing so. The penalty amount will be specified in the plan. Employees can get more information by logging into their UPSers account. For UPSers Login, an employee will need a User ID and a Password.

You can login/signup into Upsers account through Upsers Login official portal page.

User ID will be the employee’s ID number and password is the one which they have created during the initial login. After logging into the account, the employee can check the news or updates related to UPSers 401k Plan by clicking on the option called “Plan News and Updates” which will be available on the right side of the page. Once you click on that option, you will have two more options – Contribution Limits and Access to Investment Support.

Contribution limits will provide the information related to the UPSers 401k Plan. The employee can know how much he can contribute to the plan and also the limits set by IRS (International Revenue Service). The investment support will provide the information related to the available advisors such as professional management and online advice of Voya retirements.

UPSers 401k Plan Benefits:

  • Investments: Employees may choose from various investment options which include UPS class A common stock, short-term investments and common and collective trust funds. Employees can purchase the mutual funds within their self-managed account.
  • Payment: The UPSers 401k Plan does not allow the withdrawals except in the case of hardship. At the age of retirement i.e. 59 or 60, the plan will be terminated along with the employment. The plan is also terminated in certain situations such as the death or the permanent disability of the employee. In order to qualify for a hardship withdrawal, the employee must provide the legal documents regarding the financial hardship as defined by IRC regulations.

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